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BDSM People • Kinky dating • FAQ
BDSM People • Kinky dating


  • BDSM Gold
    When you buy BDSM Gold you get some premium opportunities. - we turn all ads in app off - you can use a huge sticker pack for chatting - you can send direct private messages to users you like - you can find users on the map We are constantly working on expanding premium features. Stay tuned ;)
  • Subscription and payments
    The app is free to download and use. We also offer an optional BDSM Gold subscription. - Currently, the cost of a BDSM Gold subscription is $9.99 per month. Prices are in US Dollars, may vary depending on the country of your residence and change without notice. - If you decide to buy a BDSM Gold, you can do this through your iTunes account. - Payment will be charged to your iTunes account after you confirm the purchase. - Your subscription renews automatically until you disconnect it at least 24 hours before the expiration of the current subscription - Payment for renewal will be charged to your account within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription - You can turn off the automatic renewal of your “BDSM Gold” subscription in the iTunes Store settings at any time after purchase. - Cancellation of the current subscription, during the period of its validity, is not possible. - If you decide not to buy BDSM Gold, you can continue to use BDSM People for free, but with limited functionality.
  • Following and followers
    If you want to see your subscribers and active subscriptions, go to your profile and click "Followers" or "Following".
  • Change of personal data
    You can manage any of your data. Add and delete any information and photo. For changig information go to your Profile and click Settings icon on the top left.
  • How to use a stickers
    You can use a huge sticker pack inside the app for chatting when you buy a BDSM Gold. Also we give you exclusive BDSM stickers for using in iMessage abolutely free. They will become available for use after installing the app.
  • Complaints
    You can send a complaint to any user or publication by using a special menu. Our support team will immediately review the questionable content and remove the forbidden information or block the offender. You can read more about our wishes for content here.
  • Content blocking
    Send a complaint to block content in the Newsfeed or on the map. Prohibited content will be blocked after your complaint. Notice: please do not send complaints about all publications in a row to avoid automatic blocking of your account. You can read more about our wishes for content here.
  • User unblocking
    You can see all blocked users in a separate list. Go to your Profile and select the "Locked users" list. To unlock, simply remove the user from the list.
  • Requirements to added photos
    In BDSM People, we strive to create an atmosphere of friendliness and openness and make special demands on the posted content and photos. All added photos are checked automatically. When you add a photo to your profile, please make sure that the photo has your face. You may not use photos of other people without their written consent. Make sure that the photo does not contain prohibited content, including pornographic materials, when you add a photo to your post. In most detail, we described our wishes for the content here.
  • Prohibited content  |  Who can block or remove your account
    We are trying to create a friendly community of free people and constantly monitor compliance with the rules. Remember when you try to post something contrary to morality and courtesy we can remove your content or account. In most detail, we described our wishes for the content here.
  • Publication was removed
    In order to combat scammers, we automatically remove the following type posts: - contact information including links to social profiles and names of social networks; - requests and offers for payment in any form; - publications posted by inserting a pre-prepared text; - photos of kids; - photos of celebs; - nude photos; - screenshots of chats and personal data; - advertisment; - discrimination; - other publications containing insults and violating the rights and freedoms of other people
  • Automatic account deletion
    We try to create a friendly atmosphere inside our app and regularly review published content and user accounts. However, sometimes we may not notice all violations. In this case, we will definitely listen to the opinions and complaints from the users of the app and use an automatic blocking system. The user account is automatically deleted from the application in case there are numerous complaints from different users. In this case, account recovery is impossible, but re-registration of the user is possible. If, after re-registration, complaints continue to come, the account is deleted without the possibility of further registration. Each user can leave only one complaint for one profile of another user.
  • Change password
    If you forgot your password, you can request a new one at any time. For request you should Log out from your account. Go to "i have an account" on the authorization screen and click "forgot password". The new password will be send to your email. Notice: the support team is not able to manage user passwords.
  • How to get verified
    For successful photo verification please follow these simple rules: 1. Upload photos of your face to your profile. Do not use photos of other people, celebs, kids or animals. 2. Don't use filters, masks, group photos. We need to see your beautiful face in order to compare it with the verification photos. 3. Try to repeat the facial expression as accurately as possible, as in the example photos. For the first photo, open your eyes and smile with your mouth open. For the second photo, close your eyes and mouth and take a selfie. No one will see your verification photos and they will be deleted immediately after verification. NOTE: To take a selfie, we need access to your iPhone's camera. Settings -> BDSM People -> Camera
  • Cancellation of subscription
    According to the general rules for all applications, subscription cancellation is possible only in the account settings in App Store and Google Play. Cancellation of a subscription directly in the application is not possible. The support team will also not be able to cancel your subscription.
  • Technical support
    The technical support team accepts requests from users 24/7. We prepare the response to the appeal from 09.00 to 23.00 local time. You may not receive an answer for several reasons: 1. Invalid email address for feedback 2. Your email address returns emails 3. A letter from support has fallen into spam 4. There is already a ready answer to the asked question
  • Contact form
    We are happy to help you with any issues related to the application. We have prepared answers to the most popular questions special for you. If you could not find a suitable answer, you can contact us via the feedback form.
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